I will make it rain.


With so many beautiful people in this world, you scream.


I agree.There was I time, when I did love you.
Because, you were so perfect back then, so awesome you know.
You were in fact a representation of what I wanted to be so bad.
But now, 3 years after.
We changed, and that’s so life.

Looking at me now, Maybe I am in a way, way better than what I so wanted to be back then, and this realization is beautiful.

Have I moved on?

Maybe not, but I ain’t afraid no more.

You know why?Because, the things are still the same, and yes there is someone who is missing on a lot, but this time it’s not me.


You laugh, you cry.


Well…so it happened again.I failed, nothing new there.
It’s like if there is something I can be very sure of it’s that I will fail everytime.


You know what dude?

There has been stuff, that I always wanted to do.
Stuff that I miss oh so badly to miss.
Stuff, that would have changed who I am.Good? Worse? IDK.

It lives in a part of me, the part of my life that I regretted the most.

But it’s time to let it go.It’s time to make peace.
For all I know is that it made me who I am, and if nothing, I have an obligation to god to love me for who I am.

Because it’s time I realized that all that glitter and the flash that I missed so bad, doesn’t really exist the way I imagined it.

You don’t gotta wear an Armani, have a bear in one hand and a girl in another to enjoy life and be cool.
It just comes naturally when you stop wanting what you don’t need.

You are the son of god.
No Less.


I can call myself smart, but the fact remains,is that absolute?

Maybe, why not.But it isn’t.

If I say I am, and I would love that, it would constraint me to a pool with everyone is not smarter than me in comparison in which case it is absolute.

But this small pool doesn’t make up the universe, surely doesn’t.

Looking at any other pool, I am not.That’s just how it is.

In no time, From being one I am no longer smart.

The same goes for the million other things.Then why do we have such a fuss.We gotta get above these things.





Because it’s this glitter and glamor of the world that drives me crazy.
The thought of being royal. To be beautiful.


The chips are falling.
I am injured.
There is blood everywhere.
The pieces don’t fix.
It’s all mayhem.

They say when you fall, you gotta get up.But how?
This is what I ask.

My head’s under water but I am breathing fine


It’s time when you realize that you are but alone in this world.
Life is a chase, chase towards something that’s not real.
It’s there in our mind, sure is.
But in reality it doesn’t exist. It’s not fucking real.
We all are pawns but kings there.
It’s time when you realize that life is not a game of chess but a pack of cards.
Though meant to be played, they never will.

But still in this meaningless journey, we shall have the so called friends, people that we trust, people that we connect with, people we believe shall share the journey with you till the end.

But they are the children who for the love of the gold that’s nothing but a spell, neglect the silver that the journey might tell.

But they aren’t the ones to be blamed for life is nothing but a journey meant to be complained.

Until #ThatOneDay #NK

Damn…Man I am really getting obsessed with this whole #NK thingy.

I am falling for your eyes but they don’t know me yet.

Dude get out of my head…..even though I don’t want nothing from you..just the fact that even if I wanted I couldn’t get you, is really pissing me off.

But I do love you right?



Made of a million pieces, I stand
Innocent children, a little too bland
Thrown to the streets in their own home land
Lost in a storm
A ship unmanned

Abandoned by their mother, They begin their quest
Oh! The horizon is full of clouds
But the eggs must leave their nest.

The answer is what they need to find
The reason for why they define
Their father, He died
They do have blood behind
But they aren’t the culprits
Just too kind.

For they are the pawns of the ruthless game
Ready to sacrifice
Like cotton about to inflame
Embracing their demise.

They are the tiny little dots
Ones to control
Connected together, they define their role
To build the lifeless statue
To sink in the deepest hole
They are
The fragments

Of a fragmented Soul.

                              R   A   C   H   I   T      C   H   O   P   R   A

Cute Girls In IIT

Okay well so here I am…writing a blog at 3 in the morning…donno why. Probably because I am like obsessed with “The social Network” and its whole idea and blogging like this is so Zuckerberg, but mainly because blogging on this cool Mac of mine is just so classy. Now some might say this is a hell of a show off..but this is just me. and let the world go fuck.

I am a little intoxicated so I am not going to lie.

I should probably be studying Differential Equations right now..Quiz in two days..but the again this Lipshitz stuff is really pissing me off.

And what else pisses me off is the fact that I am in a college that might be the best in the country run scarce of a natural drug…Girls.

But thanks to god, we are lucky enough to have a masters department in this college which allows fairly cute girls for us.

And guys trust me on this..I might be from Delhi ( yeah it’s a big deal here ) and I might have seen girls that make you drool…those oh so classy girls in Emporio while flaunting their Fendi and Luis Vuitton, and needless to say, I am down by just the though of it, Modest cute girls are still heaven in an IIT.

And why shouldn’t they be, when you find not more than 15 ( I am probably high balling ) of them in a college of 4000, that’s 0.00375 ( I hope you get it now ) and being a bit more technical ( If that’s one thing we know ) it’s like tending to zero.

And then again these oh so lucky 15 get queenly attention, not that I don;t like this, I just wanted to point it out though it’s kind of an obvious deal.

With this amazing statistic in mind, and of all whatever low amount of psychology I can say I know, I am pretty sure that a facebook page giving guys an easy access them can definitely not be a miss. It’s like filtering the whole goddam process and gifting you the fruit. #sweet.

Let the fun begin.